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Ash Soap

What we need:


  • Natural wood ashes.

  • Rain water.

  • Oil.


Tools: We recommend not using metal tools for this recipe.

  • Bucket (Plastic or glass).

  • Spoon (Plastic or glass).

  • Fine cloth.

  • Colander.

what we do: 

  • Potash extraction

    1. Colect Ashes from natural wood. it has to be very fine, like flour, and very dry. we recommend to sieve the ashes in the colander and take out the big pieces.

    2. Put the ashes inside the jar until cover the half of it.

    3. add the rain water into the jar until cover the other half.

    4. Stir everyday for 5 - 7 days with the plastic or glass spoon. 

After 5 - 7 days:

  1. filter the ashes Liquid with a fine cloth.

  2. The liquid, yellowish and viscous, is placed in a glass or plastic container and closed.

  • Soap

    1. Mix 1 big spoon of oil (olive or rapeseed) with 500 ml of the ashes liquid. Don't use metal.

    2. Put the recipient in a warm room and stir it everyday.

    3. The soap is ready when the liquid is homogeneous (no more oil in the surface).


How we can use it:

  • For the dishes:  ½ glass of vinegar and ½ glass of ashes soap.

  • For the washing machine: 30 - 50 ml pure ashes soap.

You can leave your comments below. Thank you!

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