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Our way to home...

Once you learn how to get here, you won't ever forget it!

These are the best and cheapest options:

Always, hitchhiking is a good option! Don't feel afraid to do it. Here is super easy and funny!!


from Copenhagen's Airport: 

  1. Abildskou 888 to Aarhus. 

  2. Train to Copenhagen Central Train Station.


From Copenhagen:

  1. Flixbus to Skanderborg (£10-£15)

  2. Train to Skanderborg. (This is not the cheapest option)

After you arrive to skanderborg you could take the bus number 331 to odder.


From Aarhus:

  1. Bus number 100 to Odder. (50 kr.)

After you arrive to Odder, you could take the bus number 331 to Skanderborg.

 If you prefer coming by current transportation...

It doesn't matter if you come from copenhagen or aarhus, you should tell the bus driver that you want to get off at Konghusvej, by the forest called Merkær Skov. This is not an official bus stop in itself, but it's halfway between Torrild and Fillerup.

You can also check out here and find an easy way to come to our home.

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