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Welcome to our homemade, recycled and organic PRODUCTS.

We truly believe in "Reduce, Reuse and recycle"! apart from reusing our ashes and citrus peels to make cleaning products, we only use organic supplies in our recipes.  Here you can learn more about how we live without harming the Earth, and how you can too!


We want to try to minimize the amount of toxins that enter our body. So, we believe that creating our own soaps would be a nice alternative to the chemical products you find in the stores. We found three different recipes and we continue to experiment.

Join us by doing it yourself!

We continually upload videos and recipes for you to try!!

Do you need to detox your body or a boost of energy? Do you want to do it in a natural and organic way? You can try these probiotic drinks and maintain your immunity at a high level.

See what we prepare in Petersholm!

What is a better way to spend time together? 

We enjoy doing workshops. Either on the beach, on the market or inside the house, we can teach and learn from each other. We also get to know more about each other and share many laughs. See what we create in those meetings.

Nature is at the heart of why we do what we do. In addition to the satisfaction of growing your own food, getting your hands in the Earth is the best therapy. We have a permaculture playground with swales, a newly established rock garden, a green tunnel, as well as a variety of interesting microgreens. We are also learning about biodynamic farming, and try to incorporate these principles more and more.  .

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